Blog Introduction

Blog Introduction
This blog is made for our course. You will have a variety of texts and topics to comment on. It is your space to create and to give your opinion. Let’s get to work.

domingo, 29 de agosto de 2010

My first animation: What did you do yesterday?
You are a detective trying to solve a murder case. You are going to create an animation showing the investigation. You have to choose at least 5 characters, weapons, and locations. In the first scene, you are going to show the murder and then in the other scenes the detective will make questions to the different suspects. Finally, the last scene will show who the murderer is.

Day 1: You are going to watch an example of the animation. You are going to choose the character and everything related to the story (weapon, locations, etc).

Day 2: Before working in the animation, write the outline of your story and show it to your teacher.

Day 3: Create the animation with “go animate”. Go to:
If you don’t understand the tutorial in English, you can watch this video:

Day 4: Show your animation to the rest of the class.